Community awareness scabies events take place in Sudan

Ahmed Elfaig, the Project Coordinator for 5S based at the Faculty of Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Khartoum reported that the team has been busy conducting activities to strengthen the link between the 5S project and its stakeholders in the Dar-Al- Salaam district in Sudan.

Community engagement (Quranic schools)

In September 2022 the project team met with some of the main stakeholders to consult on a roadmap of events and interventions. Out of this meeting emerged the importance of targeting education and health settings.

Meetings with local educational staff and local leaders followed, and as a result, four community awareness sessions were arranged. Two took place in primary schools (one for girls, one for boys) and involved pupils, teaching, and support staff. And the other two took place at Quranic schools.

During these gatherings, the team offered presentations on the causes, symptoms and treatment for scabies. Accompanying these presentations, posters, brochures, and vouchers were widely distributed at schools, health centres, marketplaces, transport stations and other relevant locations.

The moment that captured the most attention, and admiration, of those gathering to listen was a one-man show skilfully performed by a famous actor for the pupils, teachers, tribal chiefs and some on- lookers which depicted scabies, it’s nature, infection, symptoms, dispersion, protection and treatment. His performance was met with huge laughter and applause.

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