Home of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School’s partnerships to tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs): The Global Health Research Unit on NTDs and The 5S Foundation. We carry out research, implementation and community engagement to tackle NTDs.

Funded by the NIHR
Health Worker explaining podo treatment
A health worker guides this patient on daily limb care, which is essential for managing podoconiosis. Photo by Dr Alex Kumar 2018.
Our vision is to undertake world-class interdisciplinary research to provide an evidence base for interventions that ‘leave no one behind’ targeting three conditions:
Graphic of foot with affected area by mycetoma

A slow-growing, destructive infection of the skin and underlying tissues for which there is no effective treatment.

Graphic of leg with affected area by podoconiosis

A progressive and disabling form of leg swelling that is often seen in barefoot farmers. We are working to improve the ability to diagnose, prevent and treat podoconiosis

Graphic of scabies mites

A profoundly irritating infectious skin condition caused by tiny mites burrowing into the skin which occurs in outbreaks in vulnerable communities.  Our research will strengthen the ability of low-income countries to respond to scabies outbreaks

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A map of our partners in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sudan and the UK
A group of students at the Mycetoma Research Centre discussing principles of medical anthropology during a workshop. Photo by Dr. Sahar Bakhiet

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