Key Message Briefs

The NIHR Global Health Research Unit (GHRU) on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) at Brighton and Sussex Medical School aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people affected by three highly neglected conditions in Ethiopia, Sudan and Rwanda. Since 2017, our unit has carried out a highly successful needs-driven research programme into three conditions considered severely neglected in terms of research, public attention and political will: podoconiosis (a progressive, disabling form of leg swelling seen in barefoot farmers); mycetoma (a destructive infection of the skin and underlying tissues) and scabies (a profoundly irritating skin condition caused by burrowing mites).  This work was divided into the following Work Packages:

Work Package 1: Integration and scape up of care package – The EnDPoINT Consortium

Work Package 2: Volume measurement and diagnostic devices

Work Package 3: Immuno-pathogenic Studies

Work Package 4: Identification of endemic plant extracts for limb care

Work Package 5: Epidemiological mapping of mycetoma in Sudan

Work Package 6: Development of Community Prevention Programme

Work Package 7: Impact evaulation – MDA with IVM for Scabies.

Phase 2 has been designed to build on the strengths of Phase 1 and expand the partnership established. Moving on from the structure of the GHRU and the work packages, Phase 2 will work in four separate themes of research, to foster working across the diseases and institutions focussing on shared commonalities.

Below, you can read the key message briefs that emerged from our Phase 1 work.