5S Team Members

Below you can browse team members by country in alphabetical order.


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Addisu Tsegaye Getachew


Addisu graduated from the University of Gondar with a BA in Sociology and from Addis Ababa University with an MA in Sociology. He has worked as a Junior Sociologist at Bale Mountains National Park and as a Lecturer of Sociology at Wollo University since October 2014. He provided community service on:  the role of community elders, religious leaders and stakeholders in reducing illegal migration; gender and harmful traditional practices, and community-based health insurance and local challenges. His research engagements include sociocultural aspects that people living with disabilities face, women’s fertility control and abortion decisions amid conservative socio-cultural normative processes and condemning religious interpretations, and diabetes outpatients’ lived experiences. 

Alazar Emiru

Alazar Emiru

Finance Officer – OSSREA

Alazar Emiru is an experienced Finance Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. They are skilled in analytical skills, accounting, internal controls, financial reporting, and managerial finance, and has strong finance professional skills due to their MSc focused in Accounting and Finance from Addis Ababa University. He is also an experienced trainer of Finance and Accounting and IFRS, with key understanding of ERP system and Peachtree software application. Finally, he is experienced in managing a multi-million budget of more than 50 projects and in teaching Accounting and Finance. 

Alemu Tesfaye

Alemu Tesfaye

Public Engagement Officer – OSSREA

Alemu Tesfaye has an MBA in Information Technology and is currently working as Knowledge and ICT Manager at OSSREA, Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. He has been Communications Officer for various projects over the past eight years, where he has coordinated, collaborated and led communication efforts across various research projects in order to effectively deliver key messages on various issues concerning society in the IGAD Region. He has also worked as a communication and dissemination officer for various research projects studying issues regarding migration, government accountability, peace/security, education, food/nutrition, health, and others. He has practical experience in developing comms and dissemination strategies and products, online and offline.

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Bikila Ayele

PhD Student – OSSREA

Bikila has been a lecturer at Jigjiga University for five years and at Salale University for two years. He has published three research articles on displacement and compensation, displacement and livelihood and pastoral and agro-pastoral women’s access to and control over livelihood assets.  

Dereje Wonde image

Dereje Wonde


Dereje Wonde studied sociology at the University of Gondar for his undergraduate degree and went onto obtain a master’s degree in sociology from Addis Ababa University. He has been a member of academic staff in Jimma University since 2011. Dereje is interested in researching the socio-cultural dimensions of health and illness, the structural factors affecting the health behaviour of individuals, and health problems of vulnerable groups. Currently, Dereje is a PhD student at 5-S Foundation in BSMS. His PhD project aims to understand the socio-economic and political causes and consequences of scabies. In his project, Dereje seeks to investigate the everyday life of people affected with scabies by exploring the lived experience of scabies victims and community perceptions and reactions towards scabies in the Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia.  

Garedew Yilma Desta image

Garedew Yilma Desta

Project Coordinator – OSSREA

Garedew Yilma has a master’s degree focused in Development Studies majoring Sociology from Lund University, Sweden, and Bachelor Degrees focused in Sociology, Geography and Environmental studies from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He is responsible for coordinating The 5-S Foundation undertaken by OSSREA in collaboration with the Department of Global Health (BSMS) in Ethiopia. His areas of expertise are programme and project management in the research industry; financial and budget management; planning and reporting; skilled in Social policy, child protection, child labour, child marriage, gender and FGM, environmental Issues and education. 

Eyerusalem Kassahun image

Eyerusalem Kassahun

Film and Theatre Officer – OSSREA

Eyerusaleam Kassahun is a Film and Theatre Studies scholar and industry professional. She has a BA in theatre arts and two master’s degrees from Addis Ababa University in Theatre and Development and Film Production, where she now works as a Film and Theatre lecturer. She has been researching Ethiopian cinema and theatre, as well as their relationship to Africa and the larger black social, political, and cultural elements, an area in which she is most interested. “Women’s Participation in Ethiopian Cinema”, her first scholarly work, was published in the book Cine-Ethiopia: The History and Politics of Film in the Horn of Africa. She is also an Ethiopian filmmaker who has produced several short films and one feature-length Amharic film. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in African and Asian studies in the Art, Media, and Culture stream. 

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Professor Getnet Tadele

Co – Investigator & Partner Lead – OSSREA

Professor Getnet Tadele is a Professor at the Department of Sociology, Addis Ababa University and Honorary Professor at Jimma University, Ethiopia. He has been working on the interface of sociology/anthropology and health for over two decades with a particular focus on sexuality; HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health and rights; podoconiosis and other NTDs; enhancing gene*environment interactions; and many other issues related to children and youth. He has co-edited two books and published a book, as well as over 55 journal articles and book chapters.

Kibur Engdawork image

Kibur Engdawork

Post Doctoral Research Fellow – OSSREA

Kibur Engdawork is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology, Addis Ababa University. Kibur graduated with a PhD from Addis Ababa University in 2019. He currently works on social efforts that aim at reducing stigma and improve the health behaviour of people in rural areas. He has co-authored three articles on podoconiosis in peer-reviewed journals and has presented his study findings in several international conferences. Kibur has a credited certificate in Qualitative and Mixed Methodology in International Health Research from Belgium’s Institute of Tropical Medicine. He also obtained a certificate in Introduction to Stata and Data Management & Statistical Analysis Using Stata Course from Imperial College, London, UK. He further received a certificate in grant proposal writing from University of Cologne.  

Tseganesh Mulugeta image

Tseganesh Mulugeta

Public Engagement Officer & PhD Student – OSSREA

Tseganesh Mulugeta is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism and Communication, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. She has MA and BA degrees in Media and Communication from Addis Ababa University and Bahir Dar University. She is a PhD candidate at Addis Ababa University, currently working on a PhD dissertation entitled “Communication intervention for behaviour change: using community leaders in community conversations to improve well-being and reduce stigma against podoconiosis patients in Amhara region, Ethiopia”. She published an article on media coverage and the public awareness about child abuse and child protection in Ethiopia. She has several years of experience in teaching, research, and communication at Bahir Dar University, as well as being Vice Director for Internal Relations and Communication Directorate, Information and Strategic Communication at Bahir Dar University.  


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Abdel Hamid Balla Elnour

Public Engagement Officer – University of Khartoum

Abdel Hamid is an Associate Professor at the University of Khartoum, in the Faculty of Population studies. His work focuses on environmental Impact Assessment, Water Supply, Human development, urbanization and Housing. 

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Dr Ahmed Hamed Ibrahim Elfaig

Project Coordinator – University of Khartoum

Dr Elfaig has been working for the University of Khartoum since 1993 in various capacities, from Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Assistant professor; to Associate professor. He is currently working as Associate professor at University of Khartoum in the Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Sciences.  

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Dr Azza Aziz

PhD Supervisor – University of Khartoum

Dr Aziz holds a PhD in Social Anthropology, with a special focus on Medical Anthropology, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Her research focuses on cultural understandings of health and well-being, which largely feature an exploration of the interface between such understandings and biomedical configurations of health. She has in-depth experience working on these issues among individuals and groups whose lives have been subject to experiences of movement/migration in different forms. In 2006 she worked as a Research Fellow on a project related to the reproductive health of Bedouin women in Syria in conjunction with the Centre of Migration Studies, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. In London, she worked closely with migrants in situations of cultural and psycho-social dislocation, and refugees who have been subjected to torture. She is currently conducting field research among diverse southern populations residing in Khartoum in light of their altered legal status after the creation of the state of South Sudan in July 2011.  

Badraldeen Alnoor image

Badraldeen Ali Bashir Alnoor Ahmed

NIHR PhD Student – University of Khartoum

Baldreen has a MSc in Geographical and Environmental Sciences (Population and Human Studies) and BA Honors. He is experienced in papers and essays writing, field surveys and outreach communicating successfully in multicultural settings across language barriers and diverse communities. He is bilingual in Arabic, English and basic Chinese language, and has experience in teaching and research.  He completed an internship at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle Saale, Germany from June 2018 to November 2018.  During this period he undertook a wide range of practices in various fields of social anthropology. He also has experience in research and cooperating, and was associated from 2015 to March 2019 as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Sciences, Department of Population and Human Studies. He has been a Lecturer at the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Geographical and Environmental Sciences, Department of Population and Human Studies since March 2020.    

Dr Hala Taha El Malik image

Dr Hala Taha El Malik

NIHR PhD Student – University of Khartoum

Hala Taha El Malik is a graduate of Medicine from Ribat University, and completed her master’s degree in Health and Counselling Psychology from Ahfad University for Women. She is now working as a psychiatry registrar at Sudanese specialization board and as a PhD student in the 5S Foundation, based at the Faculty of Geography at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. 


Dr Osama Abu Zied Nogid El Nour 

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Committed to research, training, and education, Dr Osama became actively involved in research, lecturing and supervision of graduate researchers. Osama’s current research is an evaluation of an existing intervention for mycetoma in Sudan.  His research interest includes issues pertinent to protection, governance and development, marginalization and wellbeing.  Dr. Osama Abu Zied holds a PhD from Kyoto University in Japan. He is also a master’s degree holder in Disaster Management and Refugee Studies.